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  Salt&Iron Food Group, immersed in a splendid journey of elegance for two decades, is a non-family-owned enterprise dedicated to the research, development, production, and sales of frozen semi-finished food ingredients. The group proudly oversees three major manufacturing bases: Jiangsu Yuheng Food Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Salt&Iron Food Technology Co., Ltd., and Jiangsu Shijing Mill Food Co., Ltd., collectively forming the formidable entity known as Jiangsu Salt&Iron Food Group.

  Jiangsu Salt&Iron Food Technology Co., Ltd., is a shining gem within the group, blending the essence of historical and cultural heritage with modern technological achievements. This approximately 100-acre site, boasting a grand structure of 39,441 square meters, harbors a production line with a daily output of 350 tons. With an annual production capacity exceeding one hundred thousand tons and an annual output value reaching six billion yuan, the company stands as a beacon of success. The experienced research and development team continuously upholds the spirit of innovation, presenting customers with more delectable and healthy culinary options.

| Origin of the Name Salt&Iron:

  The first factory was situated by a river in Changshu, Jiangsu, named Salt&Iron Pond. The name represents the indispensable elements of salt for seasoning and iron for cooking utensils in food.

| Story of Salt&Iron Pond:

  On the west bank of the Yangtze River, the winding Salt&Iron Pond River seems like a crack in time, carrying the stories of the past. Originating from the west of Yangshe Town in Zhangjiagang, it meanders eastward, merging into the Wusong River, traversing the territory of Changshu. This is the source of Salt&Iron Pond in Changshu, a legendary place.

  The river, like a sage, silently watches over the changes in this land. The name Salt&Iron Pond encapsulates the sedimented history, covering two precious resources—salt and iron. Reflecting a time when this place was a bustling market with abundant goods, the name resonates with the prosperity of the past.

  Time flows like a river, yet the scenery along the riverbank remains tranquil and beautiful. Standing on the shore of Salt&Iron Pond, one can almost feel the flow of a thousand years, imagining the lives and dreams of ancient people who wrote their own legends here.

  Changshu Salt&Iron Pond, every ripple in its waters is filled with ancient wisdom, and every inch of land is immersed in the fragrance of culture. It is an eternal and profound poetic realm, a treasure trove that carries history, a beautiful corner worthy of our everlasting reminiscence.