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AboutAbout Salt&Iron


About Salt&Iron

Salt&Iron Food Group, immersed in a splendid journey of elegance for two decades, is a non-family-owned enterprise dedicated to the research, development, production, and sales of frozen semi-finished food ingredients. The group proudly oversees three major manufacturing bases: Jiangsu Yuheng Food Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Salt&Iron Food Technology Co., Ltd., and Jiangsu Shijing Mill Food Co., Ltd., collectively forming the formidable entity known as Jiangsu Salt&Iron Food Group.

Jiangsu Salt&Iron Food Technology Co., Ltd., stands out as a gem within the group. It is a place where the essence of history and culture converges with modern technological achievements. With traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology harmoniously blended, this site spans approximately 100 acres of land, accommodating a magnificent structure of 39,441 square meters. It houses a production line with a daily output of 350 tons, boasting an annual production capacity exceeding one hundred thousand tons and an annual output value reaching six billion yuan. More impressively, the company boasts an experienced research and development team, dedicated to continuous innovation for the delivery of delectable and healthy culinary delights to esteemed customers.

AdvantagesFour advantages

advantageFive Core Advantages

Committed to continuous innovation, providing customers with a variety of delicious and healthy food choices.

  • NO.01National Direct Procurement
    Reliable quality assurance

    Cooperative suppliers include leading domestic enterprises such as Shengnong, Xiantan, Liuhe, directly procuring raw materials with full traceability throughout the entire process.

  • NO.02Digital Factory
    Building a modern digital factory

    Equipped with automated production lines, a six-stage automatic temperature control thawing system, and real-time alarms to ensure the quality of thawed raw materials. It features a large-scale cold storage with a storage environment of minus 18 degrees Celsius, as well as imported compressors and vacuum kneaders to fully ensure product quality. The multifunctional physical and microbiological testing center acts as a guardian for food safety.

  • NO.03Sunshine Factory
    The entire production process is traceable

    Using automated production lines to reduce manual operations, minimizing food safety risks. Employing an all-weather electronic monitoring system for comprehensive monitoring of the production site around the clock, ensuring the effectiveness of food protection work.

  • NO.04Five System Certifications
    High standards of production requirements

    Strictly following domestic and industry standards, and obtaining ISO22000 food safety management system certification and HACCP quality control system certification. The entire process adheres to GMP good operating practices, chemical analysis, and testing methods.

  • NO.05Experienced Team
    Providing customers with more delicious and healthy food choices

    The company has an experienced quality control team, implementing complete control from raw material inspection to finished product shipment.

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2-10 year old children's sensory ability training

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